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Secure Global Reach with Simple, Transparent, and Elastic Cloud Pricing

You pay for exactly the resources you use at only 80% on top of the AWS instance rate for your selected instance type plus transfer and storage costs passed through from AWS.

How does our pricing compare?

Our pricing closely aligns with AWS for its RDS service and is much lower than proprietary database offerings that bundle software licensing with the cloud management service.

Cloud pricing really is that simple.

That’s it!

Example ONgDB Cloud monthly (30-day estimate) pricing for common instance types included in the table below:

Instance CPU Memory AWS Cost Total Cost
t3.small 2 2 GB $15 $27
t3.large 2 8 GB $60 $108
c5.xlarg 4 8 GB $121 $220
m5.xlarge 4 16 GB $138 $249
m5.2xlarge 8 32 GB $276 $498

Costs in table are estimated based on a 30-day month.
See all instance types and pass-through rates for storage and transfer.

Do you have sensitive data?

We offer several options for users with highly sensitive data.

  1. Launch instances in our AWS GovCloud (US) region – read more here
  2. Extend your secure private cloud by using our single-tenant VPC peering architecture
  3. Encrypt all data volumes on your instances
  4. Collaboration on adherence to security policy controls